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Olive Crossing: In the Center of Everything

Olive Crossing, a mixed use development that will consist of 300,000 square feet of office space, 50,000 square feet of retail, dining and services, and a 106,000 square feet hotel with 160 keys, is on schedule and fully zoned. The 14.8-acre site is located at the intersection of Olive and I-170 and is centrally located between Clayton and the airport.

“Olive Crossing is a game-changing development for this community. It’s the largest in Olivette’s history, and the city has been very supportive and collaborative,” said Greg Yawitz, CEO and founder of KEAT Properties.

The development has evolved from the original scope and scale in schematic design from a year ago. The current architecture incorporates a refinement of design and materials, including higher bay warehouse windows, vertical metal long board elements, oversized courtyards, and outdoor dining patios. There will be public spaces with greenery and artwork showcased throughout.

Read the full MetroWire article here.


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