What we can do for you

With over 28 years of experience KEAT can address any issue affecting your commercial real estate program.

We have experience in

  • Site Selection
  • Site Feasability Assessment
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Zoning Application / Presentation
  • Construction Cost Review
  • Value Analysis

There are more than 2 sides to a real estate transaction. Make sure your team knows how all facets interact for your benefit.

Whether it is access to a site, cost impact from the type of structure, political impacts to zoning or under the radar market influences, being informed, experienced and connected can make all the difference in the end result.

Location Selection

Location choices are not always as simple as they appear. Access, zoning, and sub market factors all have impact on location.

Data Compilation and Review

Traffic counts and demographics only tell part of the story. Understanding all the issues affecting sites makes for the most informed decision.

Construction Cost Review

Unexpected site work or building related costs destroy a financial model. Understanding the interplay of all choices can help prevent issues in the long run.

The Time Factor

From zoning hearings to material selection, the time factor in real estate can divert you from your primary role and objective. Having Keat on your team can ensure your time is focused on the most important tasks.

Every building or site is not the same

Ceiling height, parking, access, local building codes and more can change from one side of an intersection to another. Experience makes a difference.

Long Standing Relationships

Relationships in real estate can expedite process, reveal issues not readily visible and prevent wasting resources.